Quality Policy and Impartiality

We strive to make our company a sought-after certification body in the field of accredited certification and products. To meet customer requirements, we use the knowledge and experience of our employees and emphasize professionalism, courtesy and reliability, as well as:
Impartiality and confidentiality in the performance of certification activities
Responsibility and objectivity of activities in performing certification for our customers
Expertise of auditors
Open communication between clients, our company and auditors in business meetings   and in resolving customer feedback
• Creation of sufficient resources to cover the necessary requirements to ensure the functioning of the company in the field of work environment, infrastructure and human resources management
Principles for setting quality policy
The quality management system is operated in accordance with the wording of the international standards ISO / IEC 17021-1 and ISO / IEC 17065 and related regulations of the Czech Institute for Accreditation.
• Corresponds to the intentions of our company
• Contains a commitment to meet the requirements for continuous improvement of the efficiency of the implemented management system
• Provides a framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives
• Is communicated and understood in the company - this is applied in the form of training and publication on the website
• Regularly reviewed - at least once a year as part of management review - for ongoing appropriateness
It comments on:
• The confidentiality of information obtained during the audit
• Professional qualifications of internal and external staff
• Responsibility for all its certification activities
• Openness - as a matter of principle, to provide public access to relevant information
• Responses to complaints
Equality and discrimination
We are committed to the principle of equality in every area of our activity. We make every effort to prevent discriminatory or unequal treatment of our employees, suppliers and users of their services, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability.