Gluten Free Verification Audit

Gluten Free certification is a standard created by Bohemia Certification s.r.o., which is used by clients for their presentation as an independent assessment of the established production of gluten-free products. The standard includes inspection requirements, which are based mainly on the established HACCP system (determination of critical points) and the established system of good manufacturing practice. In order to obtain the certificate, it is necessary to document, among other things, analyzes of finished products for a predetermined amount of gluten in the final product according to the requirements of legislation (Commission Regulation (EC) No. 41/2009 of 20 January 2009 on the composition and labeling of foods suitable for people intolerant gluten.)
The benefits of implementing and certifying a standard for an organization
• A suitable tool for the management of gluten-free food production
• The certified company provides customers and end consumers with a guarantee that it has analyzed the hazards and risks affecting the production of gluten-free foods and implemented effective tools for managing a system that produces gluten-free products
• Consumers and business partners have a guarantee that each batch of the product has been released based on a thorough analysis of the declared amount of gluten
• The certificate is respected in EU countries and the USA

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